Enable professional development through practice directed work-integrated learning


Programme Description

The Institute Certificate is awarded for each of the Professional Domains after the candidate completed a reading list and conduct personal interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the applicable Domain. A SAQA course and other option is also available

Programme Structure

Reading-/video-blog list, interview schedule and a Portfolio of Evidence (POE)


The candidate is exposed to professional people who are experts in their respective fields.  The candidate compiles a POE that documents the interviews, learning points and insights

Who should participate

A person who wants to experience professional interactions, broaden their knowledge of business and management subjects, build their CV for a higher level career appointment or in preparation for an entrepreneurial venture


Two hours per Micro Learning Subject, in total approximately 18 to 30 hours per Professional Domain Certificate

Admission Requirements

Attendance certificates for all the Micro Learning Subjects of a specific Professional Domain

Qualifying criteria

Online assessment of the reading list and the POE

Mode of Delivery

Physical interviews at the location of the SMEs

Career Opportunities

Personal interaction and networking with professionals and SMEs heightens the level of professionalism of the candidate and create a mindset that recruiters are looking for.

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